Company History

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After the collapse of XHW, Aaron Bomber decided the he would start a new company to "Revolutionize the wrestling world." Early December 2015 Bomber would begin to scout and recruit wrestlers for his company. This included superstars such as Danny Harris, Kevan Storm, Marcus Smith, Tiki Wild, etc. After a small roster had been assembled Bomber would launch the WRP Premier Tour.

At the end of the tour Bomber shocked the world when he and his company announced they will be merging with Cherish the Oppertunity, better known as CTO. They announced "Each show will draft superstars to their respective brands making them exclusive to that brand." (Link to the article here)


WRP uses a variety of special terms in defining their product. The fan base is referred to as "the WRP Universe". A heavyweight wrestler is referred to as a "WRP Superstar", a lightweight wrestler is referred to as a "WRP Riot", while the women are referred to as "WRP Queens".


In its formation, Wrestling Revolution Project was classified as a "super indy", meaning that it would bring together all the top talent from the then bustling independent wrestling circuit for one show a month. As time moved on, gradually they began introducing contracts as the promotion began to grow. Performers began signing unofficial contracts to do "x" amounts of dates for "x" amount of money, but the contracts were never official.

Championships and accomplishments

Championship Current


Reign Date won Days


Location Notes
WRP World


Aaron Bomber 1 April 29, 2016 132 Atlanta, GA After the match with Kevan Storm, Bomber declared himself the WRP Heavyweight Champion.



Carter III

1 July 1, 2016 69 New York Fatal four way elimination ladder match.
WRP Pride


Danny Harris 1 June 26, 2016 74 Philadelphia, PA Defeated Kevan Storm.
WRP Canadian


Kid Savior 1 N/A N/A N/A