Trevor Stevens (born on September 10, 1990) is a local competitor from Detroit, Michigan. He has wrestled in promotions located in Mid-west. He is best known for his mic skills and disrespecting his opponent as much as possible. This is what earned him the nickname T-Rash Mouth Stevens.

Early Life

Trevor Stevens grew up in Detroit, Michigan with his parents and four brothers. Trevor was the youngest and smallest of his four brothers. His older brothers played football and tried to get Trevor into the sport. They convinced Trevor to play Halfback for his middle school where it seemed may have been a star in the making. Trevor had incredible speed, outstanding agility, and factor that in with he was terrified of being hit. His middle school team went on to win nationals giving Trevor hope of one day giving his family a better life.

Trevor was scouted to King High School to play Running Back. During the first game of the season he was chop blocked, tearing his MCL. This would end his football career. He was cheated out of a football career and believed that people got no where in life without doing a little cheating.He began to watch wrestling quickly becoming inspired by Ric Flair. He would soon begin to train for wrestling.

In wrestling

  • Managers
    • Myles Carter
  • Wrestlers managed
    • Myles Carter
  • Nicknames
    • "Trailer T-Rash/Trailer Trash"
  • Entrance themes
    • TBA

Championships and accomplishments

  • Squared Circle Wrestling
    • SCW World Champion (1 time)