School of Storm is an independent professional wrestling promotion and school, based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The company is being managed by Kevan Storm.


Kevan Storm created Boyd's Wrestling Club, at the age of 10, to help train others his age in the art of self defense and to practice professional wrestling. It's member's consisted of Stephon Delap (his cousin), Emelie Xavier (a Canadian professional wrestler), and others that stayed in his neighborhood. The training would take place in his backyard and basement up until 2011.


A picture of the School of Storm facilities.

It transitioned into the School of Storm in 2016 when Storm purchased a building. It was an abandoned opera house and he used proceeds from his wrestling to buy and refurbish the building. Storm announced he would hold local training sessions and would eventually begin to host shows and wrestle matches to enhance his students exposure.



Ring name Gamertag Notes
Angelo Sanders TheCRAZYNinja22
Chris Frost Jokers485
Cody Bennett The McMoore
Jason Parker FearThe Puppies
Justin Tyler TheFuture0703
Kevan Storm IxKevantexITV SOS Founder
Stephon Delap Bosshoggaming Original Member
TJ Spencer xP3NNYWTHD4D1M3


Ring name Gamertag Notes
Candice León FatHairyKoala
Violet IxKevantexITV
Vixen xRetroEcstasyy Original Member, Elite Member
Zoey Starr Honey XCIII

Managers and Valets


  • Kevan Storm (SOS Founder, SOS Booker, Pro Camp Coach, Beginners Coach, Advanced Semi-Pro Fundamentals Coach)
  • Violet (Beginners Coach, Advanced Semi-Pro Fundamentals Coach)

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