Ricky Duncan (born on November 10, 1993) is an American Professional wrestler.

 Early Life

As a child Ricky Duncan loved wrestling with a passion but his father did not. Ricky's father would go on to tell him that wrestling is fake and it would never get him anywhere in life. His father encouraged him to play other sports such as basketball and football.

He would go on to play for teams such as the Philadelphia Sharks and the Philadelphia Ball Hawks. No matter the team he would wear the number 13. When asked about the significance of the number by his coach he responded "That was my age when my grandmother passed away, so I wear to make sure I keep her with me." Ricky Duncan proved himself talented by making varsity his freshman year of high school. He would continue to play both football and basktball until his senior year when he would receive an athletics scholarship to Miami University for basketball.

In his sophomore year of college Ricky Duncan would sustain an ankle injury in a playoff game. This caused him to lose his scholarship. With nowhere else to go and nothing left to do Ricky Duncan would peruse his dream of being a wrestler.

Professional wrestling career

Ricky Duncan would wrestle around the indy-circuit never catching the break he was looking for, however, he did find a partner to start his own independent wrestling league with called Ruthless Extreme Wrestling.

Ruthless Extreme Wrestling

Here Ricky Duncan would wrestle under the names Rick Champion and Rick Legend. He accomplished many feats and was the first grand slam champion in the league.

The league would soon end as Ricky Duncan and the other founder of the company got into a dispute causing for REW to disband.

Wrestling Revolution Project

Ricky Duncan was scouted and offered a contract by Aaron Bomber to wrestle in WRP.

Rise to Glory

Ricky Duncan wrestled in RTG before getting a contract with CTO Fortune. He shocked the world as he pinned a visiting CTO Global Champion Calvin Carter III

Cherish the Opportunity


Ricky Duncan was selected to compete on season 2 of CTO Fortune.

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