James Bailey
James Bailey in 2017
Birth name James Myszkowski
Born December 16, 1992 (1992-12-16) (age 26)
Quebec, Canada
Resides Chicago, IL
Family Meher Prasad-Myszkowski Wife
Mallory Myszkowski-Mother
Richard Myszkowski-Brother
Norman Lecavalier- Father
Hayato & Tetsuya Mai -Twin Nephews
Professional wrestling career
Ring name(s) James Rose
James Bailey
Height 6 ft
Weight 205 lb
Billed from Chicago, IL
Trained By Ken Bailey
Richard Myszkowski
Rose Dungeon
Debut 2008
Retired 2014 - 2016

ג'יימס James Myszkowski (born Dec 16, 1992), is an Flashy Showboating, Jewish American-Canadian professional wrestler, better known by his ring name James Bailey. Currently freelancing with his wife, he commonly makes regular appearances in GLX, RSG,DOMO, & Super ZERO.

Early life

Born in Quebec, James was the Bastard son of Pro Wrestler Norman Lecavallier & wrestling promoter Mallory Myszkowski. He lived with his mom & his, what he thought at the time, dad Ken Bailey in Chicago,IL above the Family Wrestling Promotion "Galaxy" where he trained in mat wrestling. When he was kicked out of school, he then went onto live on the road with his brother Richard. This is when he met one of his best friends Ace Rose and they started training in the Rose Dungeon, a well-known shoot-fighting camp.

Professional wrestling career

  • in 2008, Bailey debut at Kingdom at the age 16. under the Name "Trash Man" James Rose in a one on one against the also debuting Ace Rose, the two went onto form the Rose Family and dominated the rest of the year. then Bailey went back home to wrestle in USA & Mexico.
  • 2013 The Return to Kingdom, Four years later Bailey came back to Japan to Wrestle under the new KIDD TYGA persona, to help fight back against the PANDA TRAID. With the aid of other TYGA PRIDE members like Leo Higa, & at the time Skunk.
  • in 2014, Bailey won the first Rose Cup tournament and became the number one contender for the KROSE Title, but lost to the Champion at the time Human Panda. Soon after his mother died, James Retired from wrestling to find himself. He moved to India and he found his love of his life, Meher Prasad a Local wrestler. He followed her on tours across Asia.
  • In 2016, Bailey returned to the wrestling scene after a year and half retirement to team with his girl in'n out mix gender matches against Toshix & Sera Lee.after that bouncing around doing matches for KINGDOM, Tru Puro, Super ZERO, and training in RSG.
  • in 2017. Meher & James got Married in March & in the first week of June, Bailey won the Knights of KINGDOM championship with his long time friend Eric Levine. Ten weeks later lost it to the Royals, then Eric left KINGDOM to work in Valor leaving Bailey to go back to single competition. in a co event between Galaxy & KINGDOM. Bailey went up against the GLX Junior Champion "Crackhead speed" Dende for the title,and won via LSD. But the championship reign was up short, two weeks later he was stripped of the title due to a injury suffered on 8/27/17 in the match w/ Rey Sefo slamming his head on the steel steps. James Bailey is set to be out for 3 months cause of this.

Finishing moves

  • TYGA's JAWS (muta lock) 2017- Present
  • TYGA-BOMB (deadlift sit-up powerbomb/ tigerbomb) 2016-Present
  • LSD (Lakeshore Drive-By) (Mafia Kick) 2008 - Present
  • Flash from the Past (Superkick) 2008 – 2013
  • Reach for the Sssky (Shooting Star splash) 2012 – 2017; used rarely
  • TYGA's Claws (double palm strike) - Kidd Tyga only
  • Fuck'd two way till sunday (superkick+runningknee) (w/ Eric Levine)

Signature moves

  • Flying Lariat
  • "Great" Leg Drop
  • Great Ball of Fire (Fireball) - 2008 - 2009
  • Crossface Chickenwing


  • "Trashman"
  • "Chi-town Hero"
  • "Jew Star"

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