The OCW Tag Team Championships is the tag team titles in Orlando Championship Wrestling an American-based wrestling promotion. The championship was established on May 1, 2012, on an episode of OCW along with the announcement of a 4 team mini-tournament to crown the first champions.

The team participating in the tournament were Fall From Grace (Adam Blaze and Ethan Stone), Los Dioses de la Lucha Libre (El Flaco Hero and Matt DeSanto), The Alliance (J.C Drake and Destro), and The Squad (Andre Harrison, Malique Harrion, and Jared Strong). The first semi-final match was Fall From Grace vs. The Alliance, with Fall From Grace winning with roll up by Adam Blaze on J.C Drake. The next semi-final match was Los Dioses de la Lucha Libre vs. The Squad, the squad represented by the twins Andre and Malique won the match with springboard senton powerbomb on El Flaco Hero. The Finals would happen June 24, 2012 at OCW's Over the Limit show, in a 4.5 star match between Fall From Grace and The Squad in which Ethan Stone would pick up the pinfall with a powerbomb to Malique following a superkick by Adam Blaze. They would go on to have the second longest reign in the title's history lasting 307 days losing the titles to The Alliance in a tag team hell in a cell match.