Colton Fenner (born August 27, 1994) is an American professional wrestler signed to RWF.

Early life

From a young age, Colton had gotten hooked into Wrestling, at age 10 he had begun watching professional wrestling. Colton, who suffering from a form of Autism at age 18, Went to a wrestling school, showing great in ring performer by himself or in front of his fellow wrestlers, he struggled to perform in front of audiences, he would make mistakes and struggle with words when speaking. Colton's parents tried to talk him out of being a pro wrestler, thinking he was too nervous to do it. However, he persevered and continued. He graduated from Temple University at 19 and became fully committed to being a professional wrestler, despite his parents persistence he not.

Professional wrestling career

Cross Wrestling Federation

Colton suffered from a lack of success as opposed to his tag team run. He had attempted to sign with Cross Wrestling Federation (CWF), which consisted of the remnants of RAF, however he never managed to debut as CWF closed shortly thereafter.

Rebirth Wrestling Federation

Colton signed to RWF on April 1, 2016, being one of the first signees for the new promotion, Colton appeared on Episode 1 in a losing battle against John Brody after his overconfidence, cost him the match. Fenner and Brody faced again on episode 2, resulting in a count-out victory for Fenner. After the match, Colton called out John, challenging him to a match at RWF's first PPV Event, War of The Worlds, which Brody accepted. On episode 3, Fenner faced Malachi in a match which ended in a no-contest after John Brody and Malachi's rival, Savage, attacked Fenner and Malachi during their contest.

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