Christopher R. Scarlet (born on February 14, 1991) is a professional wrestler in RTG, and twin brother to Camilla Dior'r. Scarlet is currently a RTG competitor.

Early Life

Christopher Scarlet was given to a foster home in Chicago at the age of 3 due to the fact that his parents couldn't provide a safe home for him. Christopher Scarlet sadly remembers the day he was given up to the foster home, he describes it as one of the darkest days of his life. He met his "littler brother" (Isiah righteous) at the age of 7 and they immediately became the best of friends due to their equal love for wrestling. Christopher Scarlet was always abnormally athletic and believed to be almost super human and also believed to be spiritually superior to the average child. That is why his friends always called him "The Indigo Child".

Professional wrestling career

CWF (2015-2016)

When scarlet turned 17 he got a day job as a store clerk in a really crime filled neighborhood. When the sunset, he would wrestle at local Indy event 2 blocks away from his job. He wrestled under the name "Scarlito" and disguised himself by using a mask. He did this so the local criminals wouldn't notice him, because where he's from, he would get heat for what he's doing. After the character "Scarlito" was a success he then signed a contract with CWF at the age of 21 using his birth name and losing the mask. 

Personal life

Despite being gifted with athletic abilities Scarlet never considered using those abilities to fulfill a childhood dream and become a wrestler. That is until at the tender age of 11 he witnessed his little brother being bullied. That is when Scarlet first started training to be a wrestler in the basement if his foster home that he called "The Dojo" he initially started to learning so he can protect his close friends and family he met in the foster home.

In wrestling

  • Signature moves
    • The Scarlet Letter (Superkick to a kneeling or seated opponen)
  • Nicknames
    • "The Anti Hero"
    • "The Fallen Hero"
    • "The Indigo Child"
    • "The Last King"
    • "The Savior"

Championships and accomplishments

  • Championship Wrestling Federation
    • A1 Zero Gravity Champion (1 time)
  • Road To Glory
    • RTG Glorified Champion (1 time)