ACW - Alliance Championship Wrestling:

 Alliance Championship Wrestling (ACW) was founded in September 2013 and it was planned to debut within the summer of the same year. But difficulties stopped them from being able to debut on time. Under the company's original Owner they struggled to gain any talent until the Opportunity was brought to light where stocks were purchased by Bison Stone in late 2017 making him the new owner of the company.


This document outlines an agreement made on 12/11/2012 between (Sign NAME HERE and Alliance Championship Wrestling.

SIGN NAME HERE has been retained as an independent contractor for Alliance Championship Wrestling, for the work or project described below:

The contractor must be active and working, at a cost not to exceed $2,000 per win. UNLESS MAIN EVENT WRESTLER WHERE YOU WILL BE PAID $10,000

Because this business relationship is that of independent contractor, there is no entitlement to benefits such as health insurance, life insurance, retirement, or unemployment insurance Unless signed with Alliance Championship Wrestling.

Taxes, FICA, nor any other deductions will be made.

INDEPENDENT CONTRACTOR sign name here - 00/00/00

REPRESENTATIVE ACW OWNER Bison Reigns - [Insert date]



*This is not a real contract. Everything in regards to this contract are fictional. There will be no actual payouts nor distribution of real legal tender*

Wellness program

Alliance Championship Wrestling has a zero tolerance policy in place for using any type of drug substances. Alliance Championship Wrestling does not allow substances from illegal to performance enhancing drugs.