Aleks J. Graystone (born August 12th, 1994) better known by his ring name Aleks Grayson, is an American professional wrestler. He is signed with EVO GATEBAW, RTG and ROR. He is currently a member of the Forgotten stable with Matt Baker and Adriana Sharpova.

Early life

As a kid growing up, Aleks was bullied and tormented by kids, who didn't understand him. He wants to be a wrestler growing up. Kids thought he wasn't good enough, they thought he was too ugly, too stupid, they thought he was a weak minded fool. At first, it hurt him alot, he would come home crying and depressed asking why. Why he existed, why he was given this life. But, he didn't quit, and after that, he promised to show the world that he could do it, he would get a opportunity and prove himself as the professional wrestler he dreamed of being.

Professional wrestling career

He is signed to EVO GATE, ROR, RTG and BAW. Aleks is doing dark matches and wrestling in the independent circuit. He made is professional debut, in a losing effort against Jak Starran for the BAW Junior Heavyweight Championship on the second BAW Exhibition Episode.

Personal life

His parents names are Garret and Kim.

His stepfamily names are Sharren, Micheal, and Mathew

He has three older brothers named TJ, Max, Jayson

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves
    • Queen Anne's Revenge (Inverted Doublehook Facebuster)
    • Seeing Gray (Standing Corkscrew Moonsault) (Dying Light Combo)
    • Seeing Black (Phoniex Splash or Shooting Star Press or Moonsault) (Dying Light Combo)
  • Signature moves
    • 1970 (Chickenwing hold into Double Knee Gutbuster)
    • Seeing White (Corner Springboard Split-Legged Moonsault) (Dying Light Combo)
  • Managers
    • Forgotten Stable Members (Heel)
  • Wrestlers managed
    • Forgotten Stable Members (Heel)
  • Nicknames
    • The Paragon (Face)
    • The Infamous One (Forgotton Stable)
  • Entrance themes
    • Morning Glory by Oasis (Face) - 2016
    • Goodbye by Celldweller (Heel/Face) - (2017 Alt.)
    • Move by Thousand Foot Krutch (Heel/Current)

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