Adande Kamare (born September 18, 1996) is an American professional e-fedder signed to various promotions, where he performs under the Adrian Bowen.

Early Life

Born a single child in Charlotte, North Carolina. Adrian was always active. Playing Football, Soccer and Volleyball aswell as a little bit of hockey in high school. Adrian considers himself a bully growing up as he would always pick on or mess with the other kids. In his last year of high school he dropped out to learn how to become a pro wrestler. Because of him dropping out he was kicked out of his home and was homeless for about 3 months. He moved to England with his friend aswell as ex-girlfriend Jaklyn Hayze otherwise known as Blakjak, a in-ring performer herself. There he went to Al Snow's wrestling academy and quickly caught up having watching e-fedding for years.(Fun fact: His favourite match ever is Nic Virtue vs Cameron Bash, Bury the Hatchet).


Adrian has wrestled for various promotions. These are the ones he currently works for Adrian Bowen currently works for. IIW,AOA,CEW,RainCity,BWW,HWF,EWE,XWO,TAW,ICPW,WTX

Out of all that most recently signing with WTX his list of achievements read as followed

2x CEW World Heavyweight Champion 1x Worldwide heavyweight Champion 1x IIW Royal Rumble Winner 1x BWW tag team champion 1x Rain City Revolutionary Champion 1x IIW International Champion

Early Career

Adrian early career started out back in 2k16 when he wrestled for his friends fed then slowly spread to other feds on twitch. After dsicovering XCW (check them out on twitter, they're great). Is when he really hit it off, using one of their characters known as Johnathan Cole then Johnny Chaos he is a former XCW Next Gen Global Gen Champion and a XCW Omega Tag Team title holder with him and his old team. Now Adrian is no longer with XCW and is no long Johnny Chaos.

Modern Day

After a year in training Adrian wrestled his first match at the academy. Some people believe he was approved to early but Al Snow saw potential in him. For good reason At the moment Adrian Bowen is a e-fedding international superstar for promotions such as AOA, IIW, EWE, XWO etc. He is apart of the undefeated tag team, Black Excellence with members consisting of Marcus Page, Drew Gates and himself.

Career info

Finishing Moves:

2016: NE9/Ricola Bomb

2017: Bowen Arrow Backstabber/Straight Jacket Backstabber

2017: RainMaker Clothesline

Signature Moves:

2016: Butterfly Suplex/Bowen Arrow Suplex

2016: Bowen Effect/Directors Cut

2017: Fallen Kingdom Spinebuster

2017: Charisma Kill Samoan Drop




Tyler Draven, Draven, Johnathan Cole, Johnny Chaos, Adrian Bowen


King of Charisma

Master of the Bowen Arrow

Theme Songs

Cellofourte - Whispers in the dark

Adrian Bowen - King of Charisma